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Pink Dog Apparel

Pembe Denim Köpek Ceketi XL 60 CM – 21/25 kg Compatible..
Ex Tax:185.19TL
Pembe Denim Köpek Ceketi L50 CM – 15/19 kg Compatible..
Ex Tax:185.19TL
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Casa di Denim whichwasfoundedby Sinem Akay in 2017 means denim house.

In addition to bringing simplicity and elegance to your home and table decorations with our different and special products made of denim fabric, we also aim to bring a different perspective to denim with our pet clothes, daily denim andcanvasbagsthatwillreflectyourstyle.

Casa di Denim offersthecomfortandconvenience of denim toyourlivingspaceswithdifferentandfunctionaldesignssuch as speciallydesignedplacemats,runners,cupcoasters,wineracks,baskets,denimkitchenaprons,ovenmittsanddecorativepillows.

Prepareextraordinarytablesbycombiningyourkitchenwarewith denim

Casa di Denimwhichpreparesdifferentandunusualdesignsforthedecoration of yourtables,bringscolourtoyourtableswithdifferentalternativessuitableforyourspecialanddaily meal routines.Ourdifferenttypes of productsthatsupportthestylishlook of yourtablearemade of %100 cotton denim fabricandrecyclablematerialandresistanttostains.Whileyouarepraparingyourcheerfultables ,wearewithyouwithoursupportproducts in thekitchen. Elegance and comfort come together in our denim kitchen aprons that you can useduringthepreparation of yourmeal.You can easilytakeyourdeliciousmealsout of theovenwithournon-flammableovengloveswith fiber inside.


Webringtogetherblue of theseawithblue of denim

Webringgoodluck and extraordinary designs to your boats by including Koi fish, which is the symbol of perseverance, abundance, powerandsuccess, in ourmarineseries.WithourKoifishseries, weoffer you different types of products that you can use both on yourboatand at home. We make denim stand out in your living spaces with our koi fish printed and denim white striped pillows, koi fish napkin rings, wine racks, napkinsandplacematsmade of 100% recyclablecottonfine-texturedfabric. Inadditiontoourkoifishseries, you can combineourproducts in differentstyleswitheachotherandusethem on yourboats.


Weintegrate denim andfashionwithourbags

We are with you with our different model bags, which are indispensable for our daily life. We offer canvas, clutch, beachand yoga bagalternativesforeverytaste.


We have prepared a special collection for our little friends with our options made of natural denim pure clay and natural fabric in different colors. You can create a different style for your faithful friend with all dog clothes and bandanas suitable for small, medium and large breeds.