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07 Sep White Pocketed Tablemat
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Our tablemats with white pockets in our basic collection is actually a wildcard product for every home and every table.The product, which is designed with its optical whiteness and simple but clear lines, can be combined with porcelain sets, tablecloths, runners and napkins in different palettes.It is an ideal choice for a modern tableware look...
07 Sep Basic Pocketed Indigo Tablemat
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Deep shades of navy blue and ice blue with tie-dye napkin and tie-dye wash runner combined with our basic pocket indigo tablemat.A simple but effective choice for setting up a casual or invitation table.Products with timeless designs can be combined with many porcelain sets of the past or present...
07 Sep Basic Ice Blue Tablemat
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The spirit of our ice blue placemat with basic pockets is vintage.In the clothing industry, we have worn vintage colored denim trousers around the world for many years.Now we have brought a breath of fresh air by adapting this vintage but very modern style we are used to to the tables...
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