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Sinem Akay, who died in a private jet that crashed in Iran last March, established Casa Di Denim to bring denim fabric to consumers in a form other than clothing. We talked about Casa di Denim with Umay Şekerci, who carries out the communication of the brand.

Casa di Denim has a creative, original and useful product range, and will continue on its way in the absence of Sinem with the decision of the Akay family. “Our aim is to deliver the brand that Sinem has established with great effort, to the masses in Turkey and abroad as she wished. Sinem always instilled positive energy in the people she met. Now, we are aiming to add the colors of Sinem to people’s lives with the brand she established with much enthusiasm.” said Umay Şekerci.

How did the Casa Di Denim brand come about?

Sinem Akay worked in her family company Erak Giyim Sanayi for a long time and interned at Calvin Clein. Since she was born and raised with the smell of jean, denim fabrics were always very special to her. However, the establishment process for the brand started with a close friend’s request from Ms. Akay to produce a few accessory pieces for sale on her e-commerce site. Considering that guests who go from boat to boat have difficulty with gifts, we decided to turn the denim business that came from the family, into accessories for boat tables in order to fulfill this need. After the demand for the products and positive feedback, Casa Di Denim emerged.

Could you give information about your product range?

The priority in our products is to create functional pieces with denim touches. While we prioritize the use of our table mats, multi-purpose baskets, pillows, aprons, wine racks and other products that we create with different printing techniques, we also try to appeal to the eye.

How long have products for yachts been in this range?

Casa Di Denim is a very new brand, only 1.5 years old. The aim of its founder Sinem Akay was to appeal specifically to yachts. For this, we had already started extensive work while Ms. Akay was alive.

Do you make custom designs for boat owners?

Tailor-made denim designs on boats has been one of our long-term goals from the very beginning. We met with a few people and there are still ongoing talks on the subject. Our customers are very impressed by this idea.

What have you done so far, where have you been? What are your next projects?

We attended the charities organized by Alaçatı Herb Festival, Palmarina Bodrum, ÇABA, TOG, ZUBİZU, especially the events held in Beykoz Konakları. Finally, we were at the Boat Show that took place in CNR last February. We will continue to participate in events in Istanbul, as well as outside of Istanbul.

Where can people buy Casa di Denim products?

We have a place in Modül Istanbul, located in Maslak 42. Just before going to Dubai, Ms. Akay arranged her products with her own hands in her striking cabinet which is a special design made of denim. Our products will be fixed in Modül Istanbul for now, and will also be included in the charities to be held in the upcoming days.

Which pieces are prioritized in your new season designs?

This season, our goal is to increase the variety in our product range. Of course, while doing this, we will not compromise from the functionality of the products. We are planning on completing and putting out new slippers, gift boxes and table mats in the new season that Ms. Sinem worked on.

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