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casa di denim - hakkımızda

Casa Di Denim

As a new brand, we are working to make a difference in your boats and homes. We are here with various and unique plans made of denim texture for you.

And what are our products? Embroidered and non-embroidered table mats, kitchen aprons, exclusive wine racks, soft pillows, coasters, denim themed backgammon and plenty more products are served to you in nonconventional ways.

What Do We Have In Casa Di Denim ?

Despite the fact that we love to purchase gifts, almost all of us are aware that we experience difficulties in this matter. Casa di Denim also comes into play here. Casa Di Denim, which presents denim-based items with vivid, practical and various plans to the non-clothing parts of our lives, signifies “denim house” in Turkish.

While the specially designed placemats, coasters, wine racks and trivets bring jean designs to the table, Casa Di Denim tries to bring denim into our living spaces with backgammon-sports bags-boat and kitchen supplies.

casa di denim - hakkımızda

Not Only In Home, Also Outside Of Home

Ladies who put yoga at the focal point of their life will cherish the bags exceptionally intended for them.

Not just the yoga bags, but also the tiny travel bags and diaperbags which are prepared for you, will bring style to your daily life and draw your attention.

Game Enthusiasts, Are You Ready For Fun ?

Great news for gatherings of friends and freaks! XOXO,

backgammon and playing card cases arranged by Casa Di Denim with Jean will add more delight to your tables now.

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